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Digital services launched by National Land Property Office

March 30, 2022

(TAP)- The National Office of Land Property (ONEP) launched on Tuesday a series of digital services as part of the digital transformation of the Ministry of State Properties and Land Affairs.

These services are accessible to the public and private clients and partners of the Office 24 hours a day and 7 days a week on its electronic site in its redesigned and updated version.

The seven services include the certificate of ownership, the certificate of co-ownership, the certificate of non-ownership, the certificate of contract registration references, copies of land plans and the certificate of registration.

The aim is to promote the digitalisation of the administration, reduce delays, simplify procedures, reduce costs and lighten the burden for the citizen.

These services are in addition to the online land plan consultation service, which has been launched in April 2019 and has allowed in 2021 about 32 thousand operations.

Prime Minister Najla Bouden, who announced the launch of these services, stressed that they enshrine the principles of open government (Open gov) and provide information to the citizen and investors.

'The digitalisation of the administration is a continuous effort of the public and private sectors, which everyone can benefit from, and an opportunity for startups to innovate in technological fields,' she added.

For his part, Minister of State Properties and Land Affairs Mohamed Rekik recalled that 'digital transformation is not only a choice but rather an inevitable process'.

He stressed the importance of the role of the Office in the development of the real estate sector, the promotion of economic growth and the improvement of the business climate, adding that the services in question are part of the implementation of digital administration and the improvement of administrative services.

He said that after the finalisation and strengthening of the legal system relating to the electronic exchange of data between structures and customers, the Office has begun the interconnection of its databases with the main public institutions operating in the field of real estate (real estate court) and the national economy in general (National Register of Enterprises).

CEO of the Office, Walid Ben Rhouma stressed that the interconnection between the Office and public institutions, structures and other bodies, will facilitate the alleviation of procedures for citizens, as this interconnection will allow the direct exchange of documents.

For her part, Minister of Justice Leila Jaffal recalled that her department has begun in collaboration with the Ministry of Communication Technologies, the establishment of an integrated information system for the judicial system in Tunisia.

She stressed in this context that the development of the Office's services will have an impact on the rest of the institutions and structures, not only those related to the real estate register, but also the judicial structures.

real estate

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