ATCT reports 59% increase in hires under technical cooperation in 2021

January 18, 2022

IN (TAP) – Hires under technical co-operation rose 59% in 2021 compared to 2020, to 2486, against 1562 the previous year.

The health sector had the lion's share in terms of recruitment, since it recorded 978 hires or 39% of total hiring, followed by the education sector with 409 hires, according to a report published by the Tunisian Agency for Technical Cooperation,

The health and education sectors were followed by the services sector with 334 hires, the cultural, social and sports activities with 231 recruitments, then administration with 155, followed by IT, media and communication with 123.

Arab countries have secured the largest share of hires with 1,004 positions, or 40%, followed by European countries with 940, the American and Asian countries with 347, then African countries with 127.

Germany ranks first among recruiting countries with 394 hires, including 368 paramedics, followed by France with 336 guest workers hired, particularly in the field of information technology, health, administration, management, services and liberal professions, and then the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with 319 executives, most of which are teaching executives in health education and in the field of cultural and sports activities.

Canada follows Saudi Arabia with 314 recruitments in the fields of para-medicine, education, services and professions.

The United Arab Emirates has hired 250 executives, mostly from the education sector, while Qatar has recruited 205 executives, mostly paramedics.

Under bilateral and tripartite cooperation and to further strengthen partnership between the countries of the South, 9 training courses were organized for 133 participants from African and Arab countries. These included study visits for 13 executives of the Guinean Agency for Technical Cooperation to review the Tunisian experience in the field of export.

Three (3) study visits were also organised for 4 executives from Comoros, to learn about the Tunisian experience in the field of technical cooperation through the Tunisian Agency for Technical Cooperation.


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