Reform agenda: Gov't eyes freeze on civil service wages, hiring (I Watch)

January 5, 2022

TAP) - The reform programme which the Tunisian government will present to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will include 'several measures meant to overcome the ongoing crisis,' particularly the freeze on civil service wages and hiring over the next three years (2022-2024), said NGO I Watch.

I Watch referred to a copy of the programme developed by the government ahead of talks with the IMF, denouncing lack of government communication.

I Watch said the gradual lifting of subsidies on energy products is sought in a bid to reach real prices by 2026, in addition to increasing in low-voltage electricity prices (for households ), the development of a platform for registration and management of social transfers as well as the targeted subsidisation of commodities starting from 2023.

The reform plan proposes the development of a plan to ensure the financial restructuring of public enterprises and an arrears clearance as well as the withdrawal of the State from non-strategic activities.

Contacted by TAP, communications departments at the Prime Ministry and the Ministry of Finance failed to provide any clarifications or details about the authenticity of the document or the reform agenda

Governor of the Central Bank of Tunisia (French: BCT) Marouane El Abassi said last December 10 an agreement on a set of realistic and acceptable reforms may be reached with the IMF before the end of Q1 of 2022

'The BCT and the government are working in concert to submit a Tunisian project to the IMF,' El Abassi said.

The governor also said 'Tunisia will not go to the Paris Club and will meet its external commitments.' It is possibe to resort to special drawing rights and financing funds.


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