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''Companies and the Republic: Common Reconstruction'', Theme 35th of Days of Companies (from December 9 to 11 in Sousse)

November 29, 2021

TAP) - The 35th edition of the Days of Companies will take place from December 9 to 11, in Sousse, on the theme 'The Company and the Republic: a Common Reconstruction,' said, Friday, the Arab Institute of Business Leaders (French: IACE), an economic think tank which works on boosting the private sector.

The official opening of this annual economic event which will shed light on the challenges facing companies is scheduled for Friday, December 10.

The event will be attended by 'several political figures, experts and representatives of international institutions, namely Prime Minister Najla Bouden, Governor of the BCT MarouaneAbassi, Minister of Finance Sihem Boughdiri Nemsia, Minister of Economy and Planning Samir Saied, Secretary-General of the UGTT NoureddineTaboubi as well as former ministers, experts and academics, business leaders, and civil society activists, said the IACE.

The Days of Companies will kick off with a special session, on Thursday, December 9 on: 'The Funding of Budgetary Stress and its Collateral Impacts'. The Institute laid emphasis on management which 'proves to be decisive for the effectiveness of the policies of economic stabilisation as well as the quality of public policies'.

On the second day of this annual economic event, four panels will take place. The first one will be held on December 10, on the theme «Institutions and Economic Efficiency».

The second panel will address the theme of: «Investment and Wait-and-See: What Remedies?». It will focus on ways of recovery to overcome the stage of failure undergone by institutions and public policies. Similarly, it will attempt to overcome this situation where the Wait-and-See approach takes precedence over the need for Investment and where the threat of stagflation must be seriously considered.

S'agissant du troisième panel, il traitera des attentes sociales et de l'entreprise Républicaine». L'objectif étant 'de consacrer une nouvelle approche du rôle de l'entreprise républicaine, pleinement responsable et investie dans sa mission de partenaire économique et social. Ceci devient aujourd'hui, un impératif dans l'accompagnement du processus démocratique, et qui plus est dans une période de tension budgétaire et de persistance du risque sanitaire'.

The third panel will address 'Social Expectations and the Republican Enterprise ». The goal is 'to introduce a new approach of the role of the republican company, deemed to be fully responsible and invested in its mission of economic and social partner. Today, it has become imperative in supporting the democratic process which faces budgetary stress and health risks '.

The fourth panel will address the theme of «The Company between Rent Economy and National Champions».

On the last day (December 11), two special sessions will be held simultaneously, followed by two plenary panels. The first special session entitled: «Businesses and Startups: What Interactions?» will focus on the approach of the relationship of coexistence between startups and classic and established companies in the economic landscape.

The second session on the theme of «Image of Companies and Entrepreneurs,» will be dedicated to the perception of companies and entrepreneurs in society as well as to the social recognition they deserve.

The last two panels will be held on the themes of 'Companies and Politics: Influence and Funding' and 'Youth and Companies: Vision of the Future.'

finance & economy

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