Tunisia: state raises 468 million dinars in second tranche of national bond loan

September 2, 2021

Subscriptions to the second tranche of the national bond loan that opened on August 18 were closed on August 24, 2021 for a total amount of 468 million dinars, ilboursa reported.

After the 715 million dinars collected during subscriptions to the first tranche, the overall amount raised from domestic borrowing therefore amounts to 1,183 million dinars.

With respect to the order collection agencies of the national bond, the collected funds are divided between stock market brokers up to 76% and banks up to 24%.

Stock market broker MAC SA monopolizes the lion’s share with 220 million dinars, accounting for 19% of the overall amount of the bond.

It is followed by broker “Tunisie Valeurs” which managed to collect 163.6 million dinars, representing 14% of the overall amount of the borrowing.

Then come STB Finance and BNA Capitaux with 128.2 million dinars and 127.3 million, respectively, according to the same source.



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