Tunisair CEO Olfa Hamdi dismissed from post [Upd 2]

February 23, 2021

TAP) - The Ministry of Transport and Logistics announced on Monday the dismissal of national carrier Tunisair CEO Olfa Hamdi from post, without providing further details.

The dismissal was made against the backdrop of disputes with the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) and the financial crisis the company has been suffering for years, a crisis that has been worsened by the drop in flight activity due to the pandemic, and the seizure of Tunisair's bank accounts by TAV Tunisia last week.

The precautionary seizure, aimed to recover €8 million (29 MTD), against a total debt of €20 million (about 65.6 MD), was lifted, following an agreement signed on February 19, between the Tunisair Group, OACA and TAV Tunisia.

Tunisair's UGTT unions had called for a strike on Friday, which was cancelled following this agreement.

However, national carrier former CEO posted a document challenging UGTT's Tabboubi.

If the transport department did not specify the reasons behind the dismissal, Transport and Logistics Minister Moez Chakchouk explained Monday morning on Shems FM, that Hamdi's behaviour has been the cause, as she failed to comply with 'the reserve obligation, posting administrative documents on Facebook.



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