Government has no plans to increase its holding in banking sector (Ali Kooli)

February 16, 2021

TAP) - 'The Tunisian government has no intention of increasing its stake in the banking sector,' Minister of Economy, Finance and Investment Support Ali Kooli said at a plenary session of the House of People's Representatives (HPR) Monday.

Responding to a question from MP Iyadh Elloumi, on the likeliness of privatising the Tunisia-Kuwait Bank (BTK), whose capital is divided between the BPCE-International (60%), the Tunisian State (20%) and the Kuwaiti State (20%), Kooli said a proposal has been made to the Tunisian State to sell its holdings in this bank and this issue is under consideration.

The Minister stressed that the priority for the State is to preserve jobs and support the Tunisian economy, considering that the privatizations conducted so far have proved effective.

Responding to another question from MP Mounira Ayari about the impact of the entry into production of the Nawara field held equally by ETAP and OMV, on the compensation of hydrocarbons and the state budget, the Minister recalled that 'the entry into production of this field has been delayed and did not take place until late 2019.

The year 2020 was a phase of experimentation and it was only by the end of 2020 that actual production began. '

He added: 'we still cannot estimate the impact of this field on the State budget for 2021, especially since we estimate that it could only reach 40 to 50% of its initial preliminary capacity in 2021.

However, even with capacities below the initial assumptions, this field will have a great contribution to the State's own resources,' he pointed out.

The Nawara field, equally owned by ETAP and OMV, is a gas and condensate field located in southern Tunisia in the Ghadames Basin about 50 km southwest of the Hammouda and Oued Zar production facilities.


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