HPR: Government awaits results of international call for tenders to carry out Ben Gardane logistics zone project

February 16, 2021

(TAP) - The Government is awaiting the results of an international call for tenders to carry out the Ben Gardane logistics zone project worth 850 million dinars, announced Minister of Economy, Finance and Investment Support, Ali Kooli, during a plenary session held Monday at the House of People's Representatives (HPR).

Responding to a question from MP Fakher Chouikhi on the monitoring of the implementation of projects mentioned in the memorandum of understanding signed on September 3, 2013, between the Prime Minister and his Chinese counterpart, Kooli said that the State continued to implement several projects despite funding difficulties.

He added that the State invested about 33 million dinars in the framework of the achievement of the logistics zone of Ben Guerdane.

The Minister also stressed that the government is working to achieve the said project despite the difficulties, including the revision of the study of the bridge project linking the region of El Jorf to Djerba Ajim (governorate of Medenine) at the expense of the State.

He added that the Department of Economy is also working to improve the study of the railway line linking Gabes Zarzis and Medenine, the government is working, for its part, to provide the necessary funding for the implementation of the project to extend the port of Zarzis, through the creation of a logistics zone.


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