Health Ministry launches 1st coronavirus vaccine simulation

February 15, 2021

TAP) - The Ministry of Health launched Sunday at El Menzah the first coronavirus vaccine simulation ahead of the start of the national immunisation campaign scheduled for the end of this month.

That campaign will start with the arrival of the first batch of Pfeizer's COVID-19 vaccine intended, initially, for health personnel, said local health director in Tunis Tarek Ben Nasr.

The official told TAP the simulation is an effective way to ensure the success of the national immunization campaign and the management of the vaccine stockpile.

He said the governorate of Tunis has set up four vaccination centres that comply with the standards approved by the World Health Organisation, including ventilation, proximity to urban areas and means of transport and the space surface which must be greater than 100m2.

The vaccination center will be El Menzah sports city for the delegations of Tunis city and El Menzah, while vaccinations will be done in Marsa centre for northern suburb delegations (Goulette, Kram, Carthage and Marsa).

For the delegations of Ezzouhour, Zahrouni, El Mallassine and Sidi Hassine, the vaccination center will be located in Sidi Hassine while for the delegations of El Mourouj, Kabaria and Ouardia, the vaccination center is the culture house of El Ouardia.

Tarek ben Nasr said the vaccination campaign against coronavirus will initially target health personnel, then people over 70 years old and the chronically ill, then people aged between 60 and 18 years old.

He further noted that people who have recovered from COVID-19 will not be vaccinated until at least 6 months after their recovery as they will have acquired immunity but can be vaccinated thereafter if they wish.

Civil society organisations and representatives of local, health and administrative authorities attended the vaccine simulation.


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