Stolen mobile phones and tablets to be blocked starting Monday (Ministries)

January 5, 2021

(TAP) - Stolen mobile phones and tablets containing SIM cards of the various telecommunications network operators will be blocked starting Monday January 4, said a joint statement by the Ministries of Communication Technologies and Trade and Export Development on Monday.

The aim is to further organise the import and marketing of mobile phones and tablets carrying SIM cards, the two departments pointed out.

Imported mobile phones and tablets that have not been subject to the procedures in force at the time of importation will cease to be operational as of January 31.

Importers and traders of mobile phones and tablets are required to comply with the procedures and laws in force, the two departments said.

In Tunisia, 60% of the mobile phones active within the networks of the three operators come from smuggling and parallel markets, Minister of Information Technology and Communication Fadhel Kraiem indicated.

“” will therefore contribute to combating organised crime and tax evasion. The platform is currently in its first phase of implementation.

This transitional period, during which all automatically registered devices will remain active, was initially scheduled to end on December 31, before being extended to January 31, 2021.

The platform is twinned with that of the Mobile Phone Operators and Manufacturers Association (GSMA), which has a blacklist dedicated to reporting stolen devices.

It contains three lists: a white list for legally imported mobile phones and tablets that have been approved by the Cert and authorised to communicate on telecommunications networks, a grey list for mobile phones and tablets authorised to communicate until their situation is regularised and a black list for phones that are blocked and therefore stolen or come from the parallel market.


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