New model of elderly care sought in Tunisia

November 17, 2020

(TAP)-The National Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology (French: INNTA) partnered with the National Public Health Institute (French: INSP) to establish a new model of elderly care in Tunisia.

The action is particularly geared towards old people without family support or suffering from chronic diseases. It fits within the cross-border cooperation programme in the Mediterranean region and has the European Union's financial support.

This model revolves around six pivots in relation to seniors and their families, health and social services, environment, governance, finance and technology.

INNTA and INSP co-organised last November 3 a virtual workship on this action plan that includes 51 measures, with the participation of health professionals, civil society, researchers and social welfare workers.

The scale of the COVID-19 impact on seniors took centre stage as they demonstrated more vulnerability to the virus.


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