Tourism: contribution of travel agencies to tourism competitiveness fund suspended for 6 months

November 17, 2020

(TAP) - The tax applied to travel agencies as a contribution to the Fund for the Development of Competitiveness in the tourism sector, set at 2 dinars on each seat offered by tourist transport conveyances, will be suspended for 6 months, starting in January 2021.

This is a decision of the Prime Minister, said Monday Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts Habib Ammar, at a press conference held at the Government Palace in Kasbah.

The Prime Minister has also decided, according to him, to grant to tourist and handicraft establishments, an extension of the deadline for filing corporate tax returns for the years 2019 and 2020 until December 31, 2021, with a rescheduling of payment from January 2022.

Among the decisions taken is also the reopening of registrations on the Digital Platform of support for businesses affected by COVID-19, exclusively for tourist establishments, without the obligation to comply with the conditions imposed on other sectors, given that the tourism sector is among the most affected sectors.

The Prime Minister also decided to revise the agreement relating to the credit guarantee mechanism concluded between the Ministry of Finance and the Tunisian Guarantee Company (SOTUGAR) to adapt it to the decisions of the cabinet meeting of April 30, 2020, particularly with regard to the ceiling of 1 million dinars per company set as a condition of eligibility for this guarantee mechanism.

He also stressed the intention to further strengthen the credit line dedicated to the handicraft sector.


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