Tunisia holds talks with WHO to secure vaccine against COVID-19 once efficiency proven

October 13, 2020

(TAP) - Director of the Tunis Pasteur Institute Hechmi Louzir said Monday that the Scientific Committee to Combat Coronavirus is holding talks with the World Health Organisation (WHO) with a view to securing the Coronavirus vaccine as soon as its efficiency is proven.

In a statement to TAP, Louzir said that the task force monitoring research into the development of a vaccine against COVID-19 within the scientific committee is in constant contact with the global COVAX initiative, launched by the WHO and involving 92 low- and middle-income countries.

He added that the initiative aims to help member countries benefit from a vaccine against COVID-19 as soon as its efficiency is proven during the third and final phase of clinical trials.

He affirmed that 11 global vaccines have reached the third stage of clinical trials and 4 other vaccines can be developed in the coming weeks. Researches in this field have been conducted in record time, the official pointed out as the development of a vaccine against any disease lasts lasts at least 4 or 5 years.

Hechmi Louzir indicated that experts from the Health Ministry had been tasked with identifying the priority categories to vaccinate against the Coronavirus.


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