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January 14, 2019

EWSROOM (ADV) – Authorizations for the production of electricity from wind power have been approved by the Tunisian government for the benefit of four foreign companies, including two French, one German and one Dutch, local media reports.

The agreements in principle for the start of the works were signed during an official ceremony at the Palais La Kasbah (Tunisian government headquarters in Tunis) in the presence of the Tunisian head of government"...


Ebola: AHF Africa Urges WHO to Accelerate Response; Faults African Union’s Silence
January 16, 2019
(AETOS Wire) -- AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the largest global AIDS organization operating in 43 countries, is profoundly concerned with the rise in new Ebola cases in the Democratic Republic of Congo and fear of its spread if uncontained. The August 1, 2018 outbreak is now the second deadliest in history and seems to be spiralling out of control amid insecurity in the country. This follows after the devastating 2014 outbreak which claimed over 11,000 lives in West Africa, including two of AHF’s doctors. As of Jan 2, 2019, the total number of confirmed and probable patients is estimated to have surpassed 600, with 368 deaths and 207 people who have recovered from the illness, according to CNN. With the epicentre of the outbreak bordering Uganda and Rwanda, there is a “high risk” of it extending, particularly due to the country experiencing......
Global tourism had its highest growth since 2010—driven by visits to Africa
January 15, 2019

With over 1.3 billion travelers on the move, the world experienced the highest growth in international tourist arrivals since 2010. Much of the rebound was spurred by gradual economic growth plus a strong demand for outbound travel from all markets across the world.


Gafsa: Popular Front launches ''Basta'' campaign to denounce worsening of economic situation
January 15, 2019

(TAP)- The Coordination of the Popular Front (PF) in Gafsa organised a protest movement on Monday during which the 'Basta' campaign was launched to denounce the deterioration of the economic and social situation in Tunisia.

Regional coordinator Zahreddine Zamel said that the 'Basta' campaign, adopted by the Popular"...

January 15, 2019

(TAP) - President of the Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (French: UTICA) Samir Majoul has been elected Vice-President of the Mediterranean International Association of the Processing Tomato (French: AMITOM) for a three-year term (till 2022).

Majoul was elected at the AMITOM’s Ordinary General Assembly held on Monday in Rome (Italy).

Head of Portugal’s"...

January 15, 2019

TAP) - Short-term aid (food, heating equipment and fuels) for poor families in the Kef region affected by the cold spell will concern five rural areas in this governorate, said Minister of Local Affairs and Environment Mokhtar Hammami.

The minister, who made a visit to Kef governorate on Sunday, added that the government will make every effort to open up the isolated areas and help local residents to cope with the cold snap which requires more social"...

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