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November 14, 2019

(TAP) - An agreement to implement and support a sustainable tourism project, South-East Destination “DES-SE” was signed on Wednesday by Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts René Trabelsi and Swiss Ambassador to Tunisia, Etienne Thévoz.

The Swiss-funded 12-million dinar sustainable tourism project seeks to attract tourists to Southeastern Tunisia, increase income and improve locals’ living conditions by launching various"...


Two successful surgeries of heart and liver transplant in Rabta and Mongi Slim hospitals
November 14, 2019

TAP) - Medical teams at the hospitals of Rabta in Tunis and Mongi Slim in Marsa, on Tuesday, successfully performed two surgeries of heart and liver transplant, said Director-General of the National Centre for the Promotion of Organ Transplantation (French: CNPTO) Taher Gargah.


Date packaging and export unit launches activities in Zarzis
November 14, 2019
(TAP) - A new date packaging and export unit has just launched its activities at the Zarzis Economic Park. A first batch of 25 tonnes has just been exported from the port of Rades to Belgium. A second batch is expected in a fortnight. The unit, which has been in production for one month, plans to export sugar, juice, pulp and other date-based products at a later stage. Its current employment capacity of 60 posts will soon be 200. ...
Thousand new jobs at economic activity park in Zarzis by June 2020
November 14, 2019

(TAP) - A thousand new jobs will be created by June 2020 at the Zarzis economic activity park, announced in a statement to TAP, CEO of the park Chawki Friaa.

These jobs will be provided by new projects, including a Korean crab recovery and export plant to be operational in June 2020, in addition to the extension of a date processing"...

November 14, 2019

TAP) - Tunisia allocates, annually, 2.5 million dinars for the implementation of the training plan for professionals in the field of air navigation and airports to improve their skills, said Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts and acting Minister of Transport, René Trabelsi.

He added, at the opening of the 30th session of the International Federation of the Union of Air Traffic Controllers Associations' International Africa and Middle East"...

November 14, 2019

TAP) - Each Tunisian citizen will owe 8000 dinars of public debt in 2020, as against 7.4 thousand in 2019, said chartered accountant Walid Ben Salah. These debts will reach 94 billion dinars, i.e 75.1% of GDP against 86 billion dinars in 2019.

Foreign debt should reach 70 billion dinars, i.e 75% of the overall debt in 2020 against 62 billion dinars in 2019.

External debt accounts"...

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