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May 28, 2017
May 27 Tunisian security forces today rescued 126 sub-Saharan migrants including seven pregnant women who had been trying to reach Europe from Libya, a Red Crescent official said. Fishermen had alerted the authorities to the presence of a vessel in distress off Ben Guerdane in southern Tunisia near the border with Libya, Dr Mongi Slim told AFP. Among the migrants were 48 women, seven of them pregnant, and three children. Those rescued were mainly......

KLAS report: InterSystems TrakCare Tops Global EMR Deployments
May 28, 2017

(ME NewsWire)-- The electronic medical record (EMR) technology from InterSystems has been deployed by more hospitals than any other vendor’s software during the past four years, according to a research report published today by the internationally recognized research organization KLAS. ...

TP-LINK MEA Urges Channel Partners to Specialise in the SMB Sector
May 28, 2017

TP-Link Technologies Co Ltd, a global provider of SOHO, SMB networking products and wireless LAN solutions, has urged its channel partners serving the SMB space to specialise and develop some domain expertise if they are to differentiate themselves in this market segment.

The call"...

Tunisia confiscates property of traders arrested for graft
May 28, 2017

The Tunisian government has confiscated the property and frozen bank accounts of eight prominent businessmen arrested this week on suspicion of corruption in an unprecedented government campaign against graft, authorities said on Friday.

Tunisia has been praised as a model of transition after its 2011 revolution. But it still struggles with economic reforms and corruption six years after the fall"...

May 28, 2017

Dates are central to the traditions observed by Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan. But date farmers in Tunisia are now bracing themselves for an infestation.

According to FAO, a hungry red beetle is threatening the country’s famed date palm plantations. The creature bores holes in the tree trunks, laying eggs in the tissues of the plant. The worm then burrows deep into the trunk and soon the leaves turn brown.


May 28, 2017

It may look like just a clutch of tents pitched outside an oil pumping station on the edge of the Sahara. But to the people of this southern region, this is Tunisia’s second revolution.

Tired of waiting for the government to relieve their poverty and create jobs, thousands of young people have been camping here"...

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